Applications of ground screws

May 01 2019

In the early days, it was mainly used in solar umbrellas, fences, fence net foundations, etc. In 2007, ground screws began to get into solar power station projects, because of the obvious advantages of low cost, environmental protection and high efficiency of ground screws, as the basis the ground screws have the advantages of convenient construction, short cycle, little influence from the construction environment, no damage to the local environment, easy installation and recovery. As a result, its demand has soared, and it has begun to spread globally. It has begun to develop rapidly. After 2010, it has begun to spread rapidly in domestic solar power plants. It has been widely used in photovoltaic power plants, agricultural greenhouses, wooden house foundations, and integrated houses. Foundation, light steel villa foundation, railway guardrail foundation, bus waiting basis, street light foundation, highway signage foundation foundation, billboards, temporary venues, warehouses, school buildings and other independent buildings, signal signage foundation foundation, municipal facilities, Transportation facilities, power tower foundation foundation and other fields.

 As a new type of foundation-based process, it has the characteristics of simple and convenient installation, short construction period, low dependence on water resources, little impact on environmental changes, no damage to natural soil environment, easy recovery and migration, and gradual elimination of inefficient consumption. Gradually replaced the inefficient energy-consuming mud foundation.