2 Inches metal rebar chair

Metal rebar chair



1.Materials:Low carbon steel (Q235).

2.Condition of surface:Metal rebar chairs are in plain, galvanized,coat the anti-rust oil, plastic-protected or epoxy-coated finish.

3.Metal rebar chairs are mainly used for building and infrastructure engineering foundation,underground works or bridge,large building industry-layer,and other large bearing parts of reinforced fastening.

1.Steel wire diameter:4mm-7mm.

2.Metal rebar chairs height(Inch): 3/4'',1'',1-1/2'',2'',2-1/2'',3'',3-1/2'',4'',4-1/2'',5'',5-1/2'',6''.

3.Metal rebar chairs height(Iso): 25mm,40mm,50mm,65mm,75mm,85mm,90mm,100mm,110mm,120mm,130mm,140mm,150mm,160mm.


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